---Newsflash--- The Voice of Holland star Roy de Valk will pay a visit to the FED and might spoil us with a performance! 

There is no better place than The FED to meet fellow expats and people working for international organizations in The Hague and surrounding areas. 

The FED has no entrance fee! The evenings provide a great opportunity to meet a diverse mix of people in a dynamic environment.

We will welcome you with a free welcome cocktail (until 20:30) and during the evening we will be serving some free fingerfood.

New listings

2e De Riemerstraat 121
Den Haag
Student room, 20m², 1 rooms,
€ 590 p.m. ex.
Harriet Freezerhof 29
Den Haag
Mezzanine, 113m², 4 rooms, Partly furnished
€ 1.395 p.m. ex.