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terms and conditions

Standard conditions

  • The data you have supplied has been entered correctly and to the best of your ability.
  • The data you have supplied will be dealt with on a strictly confidential basis.
  • You hereby give Lutz Real Estate the explicit task to search for suitable accommodation.
  • The data you have provided may and shall be checked by Lutz Real Estate.
  • The confirmation of this registration does not constitute the right of assignment.
  • The following documents must accompany this registration form: a copy of your identity card, a copy of a recent bank statement, a pay slip / employment contract.
  • In case a house is assigned to you, you will need to sign a market-conform tenancy agreement as is customary for Lutz Real Estate.
  • It is not possible to take an option on a house. A house is only taken off the market when one month’s deposit and one month’s rent has been paid.
  • If it happens that no permission was given for letting of a property the letting will be cancelled without any rights to be derived from any of our announcements or down payments. In such a case, Lutz Real Estate will not be held responsible for the consequences in any way.
  • The final assignment of a house is always the responsibility of the lessor (landlord) or the owner.
  • All written and verbal offers made by Lutz Real Estate concerning accommodation or commercial property are without obligations. No rights can be derived from these offers.
  • Not showing up to view a house when an appointment has been made and confirmed by both parties will automatically cancel your registration.
  • By renting a house and signing the accompanying tenancy agreement you commit yourself to pay rent, deposit and commission/mediation costs by means of a bank transfer or in particularly exceptional cases in cash.
  • At the date of delivery of any house that may be assigned to you, any previous agreements need to have been fulfilled.
  • In case of a cancellation on your part, no matter the reason, you are required to pay one month’s rent before the date of delivery, as well as the commission/mediation costs.
  • After a house has been assigned to you, your registration with Lutz Real Estate will be terminated.
  • From the moment you have fulfilled your financial obligations towards Lutz Real Estate, you will have to give account only to the lessor (landlord) or property manager. Lutz Real Estate can then no longer be hold responsible.
  • A tenancy agreement might be drawn up by the tenant and the lessor (landlord). Lutz Real Estate will not be involved in this process and will therefore not be liable for any negligence of or inaccurate information from the two other parties.
  • The client shall indemnify Lutz Real Estate against all third-party claims, including all reasonable costs for legal aid, related in any way to activities executed for the client of Lutz Real Estate unless there is question of intentional act on the part of Lutz Real Estate.
  • Lutz Real Estate will not be liable (directly or indirectly) for the correctness of identifications, contracts of employment, etc.
  • For letting of commercial Real Estate and tenancy agreements for a term of five years, a different commission will apply.
  • Your personal data will be stored in a register, the way it is described in the Registration Law (Wet Persoonsregistratie / W.P.R.).
  • Your information may be used to send you special offers.
  • Lutz Real Estate can not be hold responsible for the rent level (directly or indirectly), neither by the lessor (landlord) or the lessee.
  • The rent level advised by Lutz Real Estate does not have to comply with the rent commission’s point system. Neither the lessor nor the lessee can and will hold Lutz Real Estate responsible as the lessor (landlord) is the one responsible for the level of the rent.
  • The dutch text of the terms and conditions are binding, the English version is just for notification. 




Registration: free

Deposit: 1 month rent

If you give us the assigment to rent a property for you, you'll be charged a fee (same amount as the rent plus 21% vat). If you withdraw the assignment after house hunting has been done or negotiating you will be charged administration fee of  € 395,= excluding 21% vat.



Consultation   free


One month same amount as the rent excl. 21% VAT



Costs to be determined after consultation, depending on the hours and case.

Real Estate Management

Costs to be determined after consultation, depending on the offer you have selected.

Negotiation of new rental agreement

50% of the savings over the annual rent

Costs to be determined after consultation, depending on the hours and case.



This document describes the working method of Lutz Real Estate B.V. with regard to the allocation of rental properties to prospective tenants within the framework of the Good Landlordship Act and aims to provide everyone with an insight into the work process and the realization of the allocation of a rental property, without (residential) discrimination takes place.

If interested in an offered rental property and only after viewing, candidates will receive a registration form. What information do we ask from prospective tenants in the registration form:

- Name (first and last name)

- Current address and place of residence

- Phone number

- E-mail address

- Copy of passport and ID (we would like to receive a censored version, so BSN number and passport photo are shielded)

- Composition of the family (single, cohabiting, married, number of children)

- Presence of pets

- Amount of total monthly income

- Employment contract(s) or recent annual figures (from the last 3 years)

- Employer statement(s) or recent Chamber of Commerce extract (maximum of 3 months old)

- Income proofs (3 recent pay slips and recent bank statements showing net salary.)

- A landlord statement

- Necessary information to determine whether the prospective tenant is eligible for a housing permit (if applicable). 

We do not accept discrimination. We make no distinction between, and absolutely no information is required about:

- Ethnic or cultural background

- Religious identity 

- Political preference

- Sexual orientation

- Gender identity and/or expression

- Physical or mental health


For further information see link below:

Our selection procedure:

The candidate tenants are assessed as objectively and transparently as possible on the following factors.

1. Reaction speed.

The initiative to respond to an offered property lies with prospective tenants, whereby the basic principle is: first come, first serve. In the event of many responses, it may happen that certain prospective tenants are no longer invited for a viewing and are rejected.

2. Source of income and type of employment contract

An employment contract for an indefinite period with a reputable employer is almost always preferred, because this gives the client the most financial security. Temporary contracts, self-employment and other forms of income such as alimony, an internship allowance, a third-party guarantee, an inheritance, rental income, etc. can lead to the allocation of a rental home, but this is a tailor made solution.

3. Level of income

In addition to the minimum income requirement of 2.5 times the net rent, the highest joint income is preferred. This is because this gives the client the most financial security for the fulfillment of the financial obligations under the rental agreement. If there is a housing permit, there is also a maximum income requirement. 

4. Rental history of prospective tenant

A prospective tenant with a positive and verifiable landlord statement is preferred. Without a demonstrable rental history, further information and research is required, which then concerns tailor-made solutions. 

5. Screening of passport or ID and solvency

A home will only be allocated if the identity of the prospective tenant can be verified and the candidate has sufficient financial capacity. To test this, the rental agent carries out a thorough screening. We carry out a manual check for security features on the identification of the prospective tenant. The results of this screening can lead to rejection, even after initial allocation. 

6. Household composition

Certain compositions are preferred for each type of home, this is tailor-made per home. An appropiate resident composition is important to prevent nuisance and damage, and also to combat overcrowding, for example. 

7. Suitability in (the environment of) the home

In some cases, the location of the home or its properties may mean that certain candidate tenants are in principle more suitable than others; this is tailor-made.

8. Award of client

For each home, the client makes the final choise between the candidate tenants. We, Lutz Real Estate B.V. have no influence on the final choise.


We bear no responsibility or liability for the actions of our clients. We refrain from any form of (cooperation in) discrimination with regards to the allocation of rental properties to prospective tenants. 

All our employees are familiar with our workin method and actively ensure that there is no discrimination within our office. Would you like more information about preventing (residental) discrimination? See link below: