Expat Services in the hague and SURROUNDING areaS

We are specialized in the renting and letting of un-furnished and fully furnished properties for private individuals or investors in the Hague area, as well in Wassenaar, Voorburg and Rijswijk.

In the Hague and region, there is a large number of International Companies and Offices of Multinationals. Staff on temporary posting from all over the world makes a significant contribution to these organizations and to our economy.

The Hague has 44 neighborhoods and 8 city district. To have an idea in which neighborhood you would like to live in, we recommend that you check where you would like to live. Do you want to live close to the office? Would you prefer rather to have good transport links instead? Or be close to your office or to your children’s schools or your favourite shopping area? Do you want to live near the beach or in the city centre?

What sort of housing would you like to have? An apartment or a house? As space is limited and land i scarce in the Netherlands, you will find that most people live in apartments, flats or in a row of houses rather than in single detached homes. Many homes do typically come with a balcony or garden.

What about banking, utilities, providers, insurances?

For all these question Lutz Real Estate provide a fully Relocation Service and will guide you all the way.

Renting for your staff

Are you looking for housing for your staff, Lutz Real Estate is what you need, Therefore, Lutz Real Estate is known as a Real Estate Agency which has redefined the concept of living. A fully tailored, complimentary relocation service designed to meet the individual needs of every company and employee.

With many years experience in providing relocation services we understand the pressures of relocating staff with differing requirements, often at short notice. Our experience shows that this service works well and there is no unnecessary loss of work time. Over the last 13 years, we have helped many companies, including International Companies and Embassies, to find suitable housing for their staff. Lutz Real Estate agents and property consultants work in partnership with clients to deliver their goals.
The supply of partly-furnished / furnished properties and apartments available to expats has increased partly due to the credit crisis and as a result your staff has to spend a lot of work time searching for the right accommodation that meets their specific requirements and wishes.

We help them by making an inventory of their needs based on their wishes, show them around, visit the apartments/houses and make a pre-selection with them so that a home can be rented in the most efficient way, enabling your staff member to become quickly assimilated and once again able to focus their attention on work and setteling down. Lutz Real Estate has an extensive knowledge and experience, especially with Expats. They are not only occupied with letting properties, but also with renting and have access to the practical knowledge and experience of the property management department. Lutz Real Estate is the perfect matchmaker. 

Procedure and Process

If an employee is relocating to the Netherlands from abroad to work for your company and you want to find for them temporary housing, with or without family, then we can find them suitable partly-furnished or fully-furnished home in the private sector.

  • Introduction and summary of the particular housing needs
  • Make a selection of potentially suitable properties
  • Route planning for house hunting session/viewings and assessment of selected properties
  • Evaluation of the properties
  • Plan second viewing of selected property if needed
  • Making a conditional offer
  • Negotiation
  • Review/check rental agreement
  • Background check
  • Apply for gas, electricity and water connection
  • Providers
  • Completion of the administration

In assessing whether a house/apartment is suitable for your employee, we pay attention to various issues such as neighbourhood safety, layout and maintenance of the property and quality of the furnishing, we check the owner of the property etc. Also information about international schools, local shops, public transport services and access to highways is part of the package.
An important factor is the price / quality ratio of the rented property. Because we also let properties and also have access to the extensive Pararius information system and funda, we are able to assess whether the asking price is in line with current market conditions and adjust our negotiations accordingly.

Also after you have reached an agreement on renting a property, you can always contact us if you have any questions.

We have collected some Interesting links for your stay in The Netherlands and especially in The Hague.

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